Research Tracks

Research Tracks

Monday 2.1- Education, Training & Learning Session 2- (Atlantic 1)

Chair:    Dr Vanessa Malila (South Africa)                                             

Azarpour Samaneh A Closer Look at Strategic Mindset: Techniques and Practices to Educate Media Managers to Think Strategically
Lowe G and Picard R University-Industry Collaboration in the Field of Media Management: Results of an International Survey of Media Management Researchers
Malmelin Nando Logics and Theories of Change in Media Management Research
Windscheid J et al. Capturing the Future!  An Empirical Investigation on Trends in Technology and a Deduction of Consequences for Media Management Research


Monday 2.2- Measuring Media Consumption Trends & Impacts – Session 2 – Youth- (Atlantic 2)

Chair: Rosemary Nyaole-Kowuor (Kenya)

Benavides, Wilkinson & García Audiovisual Consumption in Chile and Mexico: Millennials Jumping from One Screen to Another
Leiva Ricardo and Kimber David Revisiting Consumer-Responses Models: Are They Suitable for Millennials?
Minzheong Song A Study on Business Models of the AI-based Internet Media Platforms


Monday 2.3- Measuring Media Consumption Trends & Impacts – Session 6 – Business Models- (Courtyard 1)

Chair: Rosemary Okello-Orlale (Kenya)

Tor Bang et al. A study of Target Users’ Consumption and Perception of Media Content on Commercial Products
Rackowitz L How the Internet Steers the Herd: A Conceptualization of the Impact of Trend Information on Media Consumption Behaviour
Zabel and Heisenberg Evolution of Media Clusters: The Virtual and Augmented Reality Ecosystem in North-Rhine-Westphalia/Germany


Monday 2.4- Tuesday 2.2- Measuring Media Consumption Trends & Impacts – Session 8 & 9 – Film / Cinema- (Courtyard 2)

Chair: Ms Sophia Nesri (Ethiopia)

Guo Miao Are You a Binge Viewer?
Eigler Joachim Film Franchises: Exploitation Potentials of Serial Motion Picture Concept
Hui Q Mega-individual in Niche Space-time: A New Perspective of Media Consumption Study



Monday 2.5- A Globalized World – Session 1 – The big picture- (Library)

Chair: Dr Winston Mano (UK)                                   

Friedrichsen M Change of Society by Globalization: The Intercultural and Sociocultural Impact of Global Media Industry on Individual Sectors
Baoguo CUI & – Min Hang China’s Media Business Development in the Digital Era
Nel F and Kammer A Free to Succeed: Does Press Freedom Matter for the Performance of Entrepreneurial Media Firms? A Comparative Study
Chan-Olmsted Sylvia Smartphone and Sports: Fan Engagement Through Mobile Platform


Monday 2.6- A Globalized World – Session 6 & 7 – International strategies- (Marine Suite)

Chair: Dr Rick Gershon (USA)    

Smith David Local Media Competing for Audiences with Global Media in Fragile States and Zones of Conflict: A Case Study of the Lake Chad Basin
Bang  T et al. Global Digital Advertising, Tax-havens Versus a National Media Industry
Faustino Paulo Creative Industries, Clusters and Dynamics in the Book Industry: The Portuguese Case


Monday 2.7- Strategic Management – Session 1 – Ownership- (Lagoon View)

Chair: Soraya Shah (Kenya)        

Friedrichsen M & Georgiades Unconventional Creative Group Coordination in a Temporary Context
Powers & Zhao Family-owned Media Conglomerates: Impact of Going Private to Public
Edge M Canada’s Crisis of Media: Economists as the “Rock Stars” of Competition Law