Research Tracks

Research Tracks

Tuesday 1.1- Media and Journalism Ethics Session- (Atlantic 1)

Chair: Reginald Rumney (South Africa)


Pagels V and Rott A Negativity Bias and Political Parallelism During an Election Campaign:
A Case Study on News Coverage of Turkey´s 2015 General Elections
Belda and Pimenta Journalistic Credibility and Trust Indicators in Digital Media:
A Perspective from the Brazilian News Industry
Rasha Allan Media Ethics and Competition in Transitional Countries







Tuesday 1.2- Measuring Media Consumption Trends & Impacts – Session 3 – Newspaper Websites- (Atlantic 2)

Chair: Prof. Tor Bang (Norway)

Brendstetter Blendle – Friend, Enemy or Role Model?
Comparing the Usability of the Payment Processes for Paywalls on Newspaper Websites and Blendle
Kyriakos Riskos User Interactivity on Online Newspapers: Exploring the Relationship Between Type of Content and User Comments
Chari T Future Prospects of the Printed Newspaper in the Digital Age: The Zimbabwe Experience


Tuesday 1.3- A Globalized World – Session 2 & 3 – TV/Film- (Courtyard 1)

Chair: Prof. Tadeusz Kowalski (Poland)                                 

Friedrichsen M Distribution of International TV Series – the Changing Traditional Value Chain
Ojo Tokunbo Transnational Market Strategy? China’s StarTimes and Sports in Africa Pay- TV
Yang Hsin-Ju The IP Fever in China’s Movie Industry


Tuesday 1.4- Strategic Management – Session 2 & 3 – Tech Giants- (Courtyard 2) 

Chair: Prof. Juan P. Artero (Spain)                                           

Bartosz Wilczek Conditional Indirect Effects of Strategic Partnerships Between News Outlets and Tech Giants on News Consumers’ News Engagement
Chan-Olmsted et al. Media Management in the Age of Tech Giants: Collaboration or Co-opetition?
Hang Min Media Entrepreneurship at the Age of Tech-Giants: Driving Forces, Patterns and Trends
Horst and Murschetz Strategic Media Management Revisited: The Survival of Small Start-ups in an Era of Tech-giants Based on a New Understanding of Strategy


Tuesday 1.5- Strategic Management – Session 11 – Audiences- (Library) 

Chair: Dr Mashilo Boloka (South Africa)

Verhoeven M et al. Identifying Paths to Audience Success of Media Products: The Media Decision-Makers’
Solvoll M et al. Do You Read Me? Users Dislike Ads, Content Marketing and Paywalls
Martin, H The Economics of Success: An Analysis of Audience-Retention Strategies at Traditional and Digital Media Firms





Tuesday 1.6- A Globalized World – Session 8 & 9 – Adapting to change- (Marine Suite)

Chair: Rick Gershon (USA)                          

Voci, von Rimscha, Möller, Przybylski,  Altmeppen &  Karmasin How Different Market Conditions Frame International Strategies of Media Companies
Dugmore H Philanthropically Funded, Syndicated, ‘Explainer’ Journalism and the Future of Public Interest Journalism in Developing Countries
Lesitaokana W Botswana Press Newsrooms in the Digital Age: Exploring Editors’ Reluctance to Adapt
Sjøvaag H External Pluralism in the Scandinavian Digital Media System


Tuesday 1.7- Strategic Management – Session 6 – Employees- (Lagoon View)

Chair: Johanna Mavhungu (South Africa)             


Benavides, Sánchez-Tabernero and Pérez-Latres Self-perception of Leader’s Mission and Behaviour in the Media Industry: A Comparative Study of Chile and Spain
Maijanen P Coping with Tensions in Pursuit of Digital Transformation:
A Study on Top and Middle Managers in an Incumbent Media Company
Malmelin Nando Commit, Construct and Conduct: Managing Creativity as a Critical Strategic Resource in Media Organizations
Martin, H News Employees in a Digital World: An Analysis of Changes in Employment at News Media Firms