Research Tracks

Research Tracks

Tuesday 2.1- Measuring Media Consumption Trends & Impacts – Session 4 – Advertising- (Atlantic 1)

Chair: Bianca Harms (Netherlands) 

Chalezquer S & Sánchez-Blanco C Adblockers and Online News Users: Understanding Their Profile, Their  Reasons and the Differences Behind its Use
Harms Bianca Consumer Perceptions of Digital Native Advertising and Banner Advertising on Media Platforms
Holmes T The Influence of Ad Position and Ad Duration on Consumers’
Emotional Responses to Online Video Ads






Tuesday 2.2- A Globalized World – Session 2 & 3 – TV/Film- (Atlantic 2)

Chair:    Prof. Mercedes Medina Laveron (Spain)              

Boloka Mashilo Financing Public Broadcasting Services in the Era of Competition: The Case of the SABC in South Africa
Mai LC Regional Cooperation in Cultural and Creative Industries among Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macao


Tuesday 2.3- A Globalized World – Session 6 & 7 – International strategies- (Courtyard 1)

Chair: Prof. Kent Wilkinson (USA)

Kolo Castulus Growth of Media and Economic Development in International Perspective
Levi Obonyo & Njoki Chege An Assessment of Nation Media Group’s (NMG) Response to Technological Changes in the Media in East and Central Africa
Möller, Johanna Media Company Engagement Abroad: A Typology of Motivation for and Types of Cross-border Activities


Tuesday 2.4- A Globalized World – Session 8 & 9 – Adapting to change- (Courtyard 2)

Dr Jonas Randall (South Africa)


Bodea and Popescu Any Opportunities for Quality Journalism in an Environment Full of Challenges
Artur and Castulus Emerging Media – A New Technology Trend Challenging Strategic Media Managers
Mehta and Kaye From Consumers to Creators: User Generated Content on Digital Platforms in India
Westlund and colleagues The Importance of Technologists for Digital Media Innovation: A Longitudinal Study of News Executives


Tuesday 2.5- Strategic Management – Session 2 & 3 – Tech Giants- (Library)

Chair: Prof. Noel Pearse (South Africa)

Kammer A Third Party Actors in the Hyperlinked, Scandinavian News Ecology
Chen Victoria The Dilemma that News Publishers Face on Facebook
Sirén-Heikel S Value​ Creation​ ​in​ ​the​ Age​ ​of​ Algorithms​: Insights​ ​from​ ​the​ Field
Yanfang Bu and Qiao J The Age of Technology Giants: Media Business Model Innovation






Tuesday 2.6- Strategic Management – Session 12 – Adapting to change- (Marine Suite)

Chair: Prof. Vin Crosbie (USA)

Wildman S and Song S The Future of Journalism? Peering Through Clouds in a Multi-Faceted Crystal Ball
Gholampour and Jane Adopting a Capability-driven Strategy in Response to Disruptive Innovations in the Media Industry Ecosystem
Sirén-Heikel S Value​ ​Creation​ ​in​ ​the​ Age​ ​of​ ​algorithms​: Insights​ ​from​ ​the​ Field
Westlund, Deuze Making Media (Participation) Work



Tuesday 2.7 A- BIG DATA and its Implications for Media Firms: An Invited Research Session – (Lagoon View)

Chair: Prof. Noel Pearse (South Africa)

Sabine Baumann Big Data, Algorithms and Media Management
Gillian Doyle Digital Data, Globalization and the Survival of Independent Television Production Industries