Research Tracks

Research Tracks

Tuesday 3.1- Measuring Media Consumption Trends & Impacts – Session 5 – Brands (Atlantic 1)

Chair:    Prof. Tadeusz Kowalski (Poland)

Chan-Olmsted Sylvia Exploring Digital Media’s Impact on Sports Sponsorship: A Global Perspective
Gutierrez-Renteria M et al Online Social Capital and Trust in Mexican Media Brands
Klaas Nina et al. The measurement of journalists’ brand power and the influence on single article sales:
An empirical study using news media data
Huang S The Feedback Effects of Online Brand Extension on Parent Brand Loyalty:  An Empirical Analysis of Newspapers in Taiwan









Tuesday 3.2- Measuring Media Consumption Trends & Impacts – Session 10 – Creative Industries- (Atlantic 2)

Chair: Patricia Phalen (USA)

Fröhlich M Between Authenticity and Commerce: YouTubers as Brand Ambassadors of
Generation Z – An empirical study on the success factors of influencer marketing by the example of advertising within YouTuber-videos
Budzinski et al. Does Music Quality Matter for Audience Voters in a Music Contest?
Min Xiao Factors Affecting Credibility of YouTube Influencers


Tuesday 3.3- A Globalized World – Session 2 & 3 – TV/Film- (Courtyard 1)

Chair: Prof Gillian Doyle (UK)    

Van Kranenburg H Mergers and Acquisitions and their Performance in the integrated Information Multimedia Entertainment Sector
Budzinski Oliver & Gaenssle Sophia The Economics of Social Media Stars: An Empirical Investigation of Stardom, Popularity, and Success on YouTube
Rohn Ulrike Good intentions gone bad? Efforts to create an international audiovisual market and their influences on industries in small countries



Tuesday 3.4- A Globalized World – Session 6 & 7 – International strategies- (Courtyard 2)

Chair: Dr Mashilo Boloka (South Africa)

Wilkinson K Managerial Dimensions of Language Difference in Electronic Media
Wu Yun A Literature-based Analysis of China’s New Media Industry Policies
Cinzia et al. Intertwined relationship between FDI, telecommunications and media development in SSA: A Human Resource Management Perspective



Tuesday 3.5- Strategic Management – Session 4 & 5 – Newspapers- (Library)

Chair: Dr William Tayeebwa (Uganda)  

Gronlund M and Lehtisaari Digital Transformation and Newspapers
Holm A Freemium Business Models of Legacy Newspapers In Denmark:  Challenges and Opportunities
Hujanen J et al Business Models, Audiences and Sustainability.  The Characteristics of Finnish Hyperlocal Publishing.
Chyi HI Exchanging Analogue Dollars for Digital Dimes? Examining U.S. Newspapers’ Subscription Gap between Print and Digital





Tuesday 3.6- Strategic Management – Session 7 – TV – (Marine Suite)

Chair: Prof Bjørn von Rimscha (Germany)

Rau H Strategic Management – or a Denial of Transparency! Broadcasters and Producers in ‘Public Service Broadcasting
Roepnack Phalen Managing Hollywood: The Work of Television Executives in the New Media Ecology
Verhoeven M Societal Relevance as Success Factor of Scripted TV Series: The Creators’ Perspective



Tuesday 3.7- Strategic Management – Session 13 – Creative Industries- (Lagoon View)

Chair: Johanna Mavhungu (South Africa)

Hasenpuch T Venturing Into New Businesses: A Longitudinal Analysis of TIME Incumbents’ CVC Activities
Herfort M and Kunz R Value Co-creation in Media Agency Services:  A Dyadic Perspective on Joint Media Campaign Production Stages
Bang  T et al. Norway’s DAB-revolution: A Case of Technological Determination and Globalization