Research Tracks

Research Tracks

Wednesday 1.1- Measuring Media Consumption Trends & Impacts – Session 6 – Business Models – (Atlantic 1)

Chair: Prof. Tor Bang      (Norway)

Liu J Who Keeps The Gate? Algorithms-Driven Content Distribution and Business Model
Schultz P Doing Digital News: A Comparison of Three Business Models
Shay R Typological Classification of Online Blackout Strategies: A Case Study on the National Hockey League’s Digital Media Platform
Hajialibeigi M Innovation Strategies and Reciprocal Effects on Diffusion Patterns



Wednesday 1.2- Measuring Media Consumption Trends & Impacts – Session 11 – Paying for content- (Atlantic 2)

Chair: Dr Miao Guo (USA)

Clement Michael et al. What Makes News Readers Pay for News
Goyanes et al. Effects of Exclusivity and Authorship on Willingness to Pay for Digital News
Bu,Zhou Changcheng & Kang Wenlong A Study of Influence Factors of Click Rates of China’s Web Series
Hans van Kranenburg Effect of Transition of Media Sector on Consumer Welfare and Pluralism



Wednesday 1.3- A Globalized World – Session 4 & 5 – Glocal- (Courtyard 1)

Chair: Prof. Mercedes Medina Laveron (Spain) 

Mosanako and Lesiataokana Media Diversity in Small Media Markets: Political and Economic Challenges
Komorowski M The Economics of Media Clusters: The Localities of Media Activities in a Globalized World
Bartosz Wilczek Complexity and Uncertainty Reduction in Media Companies: An Investigation of Trade-offs During the Formation of Product Strategies




Wednesday 1.4- Strategic Management – Session 4 & 5 – Newspapers- (Courtyard 2)

Chair:    Prof. Hans van Kranenburg (Netherlands)                          

Lehtisaari K et al. Talking About Media Innovation: A Framing Analysis Approach to Strategic Management in U.S. Newspapers
Murschetz and Adria Entry Deterrence and Quality Differentiation Games in the Newspaper Industry: Does Game Theory Hold New Insights to Strategic Management?
Villi Mikko et al. Strategic Management of Online Content Distribution and Platformization in Nordic Newspapers
Lyubareva and Rochelandet Business Models of Online Press and Quality of Journalistic Information


Wednesday 1.5- Strategic Management – Session 7 – TV- (Library)

Chair: Prof. Gillian Doyle (UK)

Gershon R Video Streaming and Business Model Innovation:
The Future of Over-the-Top Television Services
Guo Miao Social Media Competitive Analysis and Text Mining: A Case Study on Local TV Stations in the United States



Wednesday 1.6- Strategic Management – Session 13 – Creative Industries- (Marine Suite)              

Chair: Prof Bjørn von Rimscha (Germany)

Sánchez-Tabernero et al. Growth Strategies of Audiovisual Businesses: Efficiency Analysis
Głowacki M Creative Media Clusters in Europe and North America: Location, Density, and Proximity
Si Si Emerging Trends in Internet Celebrity Economy and Its Business Model in the New Media Era in China



Wednesday 1.7- A Globalized World – Session 8 & 9 – Adapting to change               – (Lagoon View)

Chair: Prof. Sabine Baumann      (Texas)

Allam Rasha The Impact of Digital Technology on Traditional Print Media Business Models
Brotman Stuart Re-Imagining African News Councils in the Digital Age
Yanfang Bu and Qiao J The Age of Technology Giants: Media Business Model Innovation
Kariithi Nixon K Media Economics Research and Pedagogy: A Message in a Bottle for the 2020s and Beyond