Research Tracks

Research Tracks

Wednesday 2.1- Measuring Media Consumption Trends & Impacts – Session 11 – Paying for content- (Atlantic 1)

Chair: Dr Marianne Barrett (USA)

Micó, Josep Lluís; Sabaté, Joan Measuring the Small in the Digital Landscape
Otten C Where to Manage e-WOM? A Study into Platform Differences of Desirable Online Content
Piechota S and Song S The Value of Loyal Users: Digital Subscriptions to News Websites
Wildman S Versioning with Advertising


Wednesday 2.2- A Globalized World – Session 4 & 5 – Glocal- (Atlantic 2)

Chair: Strato Copteros (South Africa)

Pearse N and Gavaza M Assessing the Organizational Maturity Level of a Community Radio Station with the Introduction of Social Media
Wang Rang, Huang and Pérez-Ríos Globalized or localized? Multinational Luxury Brands’ Content Strategies on International and Local Social Media
Seifert Rouven The Effect of Cultural Subsidies on Product Quality and Market Performance
Datis, Friedrichsen Revisiting Strategic Acquisition Theory: Role of Media Intermediator Agents in Promotion of Media Entrepreneurs




Wednesday 2.3- Strategic Management – Session 8 – Film / Movies / Cinema- (Courtyard 1)

Chair: Prof. Michel Clement (Germany)

Chen Si A Research on The Development Patterns of China’s
Online Video Industrial Chain (Research Topic: Strategic Management)
Kwon S Factors Affecting the Intention to Participate in Crowd Funding for Movies
Rochelandet F Crowdfunding and Cultural Diversity: An Exploratory Analysis on Movie Projects


Wednesday 2.4- Strategic Management – Session 9 & 10 – Making money- (Courtyard 2)

Chair: Dr Ronen Shay (USA)

Karlidag Serpil and Selda Bulut New Media Income Sources as an Alternative Field in Turkey:   Business Models, Issues and Suggestions
Kolo Castulus Social Media Celebrities as Serious Media Businesses
Mütterlein J and Kunz R Competition or Collaboration in Dynamic Environments?
Analyzing the Effects of Two Strategic Orientations on Business Model Innovation


Wednesday 2.5  – Measuring Media Consumption Trends & Impacts – Session 8 & 9 – Film / Cinema- (Library)

Chair: Dr Gilbert Motsaathebe (UK)                       

Lumeau and Colleagues New or Free: Experimental Test on Movies Piracy Incentives
Diego P et al. House of Screens’: Devices, Audiovisual Contents and Internet Users in Spain (2012-2016)
Monzoncillo Jose Influence of “Piracy” in the Duopoly of Moviestar Plus and Netflix in Spain



Wednesday 2.6- A Globalised World – Session 10 – Publishing- (Marine Suite)

Chair: Prof. Tadeusz Kowalski (Poland) 

Lee YC The Integration of the Media Fields: Multi Development of Intellectual Property and Cross-Cooperation on the Literature and Publishing Industry in China
Sule Ismaila A Contextual Analysis of the New Nigeria Group sponsored advertisements in Tell Magazine During 2015 Electioneering Campaign



Wednesday 2.7- Audiences and Economics: Media Analysts’ Emerging Approaches to Measuring Media Performance- (Lagoon View)

Chair: Dr Vanessa Malila (South Africa)


Melanie Cheary  
Amy Jo Coffey Audio Measurement and Analytics: Industry Challenges and Opportunities
Marianne Barrett Revisiting the Impact of Structural Factors on Television Audience Behavior  in the Digital Age