Research Tracks

Research Tracks

Monday 1.1- Media and Journalism Ethics Session- (Atlantic 1)

Chair: Prof. Juan P. Artero (Spain)

Bang  T et al. Towards Converging Editorial and Commercial Genres
Bartosz Wilczek Effects of Competition and Editorial Strategy on Live Blogging About Terrorist Attacks
Molefe Phil The Role of Media and Journalistic Ethics in the Sustainability of Media
Kowalski Tadeusz The Concepts of Media Pluralism and Media Policy in the Age of Digital Platforms: Challenges for Regulatory Policy


Monday 1.2- Big Data Session- (Atlantic 2)

Chair: Prof. Noel Pearse (South Africa) 

Bruel Jonas & Eigler J Smart Data in the Cinema: Opportunities and Threats for Cooperation Between Movie Exhibitors and Movie Distributors
Murschetz P and Friedrichsen M Data-fying Broadcasting: Exploring the Role of Big Data and its Role for Achieving Competitive Advantage in a Connected TV Ecosystem
Okello-Orlale Rosemary How Data Journalism is the Next Big Think in Media After Investigative Journalism: The Big Data and Its implications for Media Firms in Africa
Artur and Cinzia Big Data Analytics and Media Firms: Business News Content Analysis Through Text Mining


Monday 1.3- Education, Training & Learning Session 1- (Courtyard 1)

Chair: Dr Vanessa Malila (South Africa)

Florian Haumer Anticipation of Current Trends in Today’s Media Management Education
Guo Miao Integrating Digital Analytics Across the Journalism and Mass Communications Curriculums
Batko R Digital Competencies in New Digital Media




Monday 1.4- Measuring Media Consumption Trends & Impacts – Session 1 – TV- (Courtyard 2)

Chair: Prof. Ulrike Rohn (Germany)

Barrett M Revisiting the Impact of Structural Factors on Television Audience Behaviour  in the Digital Age
Wellbrock C The Impact of Kick-off Times on Domestic TV Demand for Professional Soccer Matches: Evidence from the German Pay TV Market
Subías M and Molina A The Value Proposition of On-demand Television: a Comparative Approach to Netflix and HBO Spain
Lee L Too Much TV? The Economics of Peak TV in a New Golden Age of Television


Monday 1.5- A Globalized World – Session 1 – The big picture- (Library)   

Chair: Cristobal Benavides (Chile)           

Gershon R The Transnational Media Corporation: 20 Years Later, Lessons Learned,  Strategies Going Forward
Hagen AL Turning the Technological Tide: Investigating the Potential for Managing Local Newsroom Intervention on a Global Scale
Kolo Castulus Strategic Challenges of Newspaper Publishing in International Perspective:  A Time Series Analysis of Industry, Economic, Media Usage, and System Data


Monday 1.6- Strategic Management – Session 1 – Ownership- (Marine Suite)

Chair: Prof. Sabine Baumann      (Texas)

Achtenhagen L Upholding the 4th Estate: Exploring the Long-term Oriented Media Ownership Form of Business Foundations
Björkroth T and Gronlund M Cross-ownership in Finnish Newspaper Publishing
Wauters Dirk Cooperation Strategies in the European Media Ecosystem


Monday 1.7- Strategic Management – Session 9 & 10 – Making money- (Lagoon View)

Chair: Prof. Vin Crosbie (USA)   

Rau H The Theory Behind Clickbaits: Commercialized Journalism in Today’s View
Sörensen J et al. Financial Planning for Digital Business Models: A Taxonomy of Business Models and Identification of Key Performance Indicators for Successful Entrepreneurs
Young and Hermida How to Launch a National Media Startup and not ‘Save’ Journalism