Please note that all delegates have to pay for their own bank transaction/transmission fees for their conference registration fees.

Available Tickets Price Qty*
INTERNATIONAL DELEGATES(North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, etc.) show details + R5,103.45 (ZAR)  / ticket  
AFRICAN DELEGATES(other than South Africans ) show details + R2,344.83 (ZAR)  / ticket  
SOUTH AFRICAN DELEGATES show details + R2,250.00 (ZAR)  / ticket  
AFRICAN STUDENTS(other than South Africans) show details + R1,172.41 (ZAR)  / ticket  
SOUTH AFRICAN STUDENTS show details + R1,125.00 (ZAR)  / ticket  
SOUTH AFRICAN SPOUSE DELEGATES show details + R2,250.00 (ZAR)  / ticket  
SPOUSE TICKET show details + R1,000.00 (ZAR)  / ticket  

* Please note that a maximum number of 10 tickets can be purchased for this event per order.

Registration Cancellation by Conference Delegate

The following cancellation penalties will apply on all WMEMC ticket cancellations;


  • 90% ticket fee return up to 5 months before the conference
  • 50% ticket fee return 3-4 months before the conference
  • 25% ticket fee return 1-2 months before the conference
  • 0% ticket fee return 30 days before the conference